MACSOLE® rubber technology

A true specialist in rubber soles, Heckel has been developing its own technology for 20 years. MACSOLE® soles, made from an exclusive mixture of nitrile rubbers developed by our R&D department, offer unparalled performances in terms of safety and longevity in the most extreme conditions.

MACSOLE®, what does it mean ?

The MACSOLE® rubber soles are extremely versatile. They are suitable for those working in construction and public works, energy and the environment, transport, chemicals, industry, or even green spaces.

Our exclusive MACSOLE® rubber formula offers unrivalled grip, far exceeding the requirements of EN 13287.

The unique and exclusive rubber material used to make each MACSOLE® model provides very high shock absorption properties. 

Building on its many years of experience, we develop revolutionary new types of rubber soles under the MACSOLE® brand.

MACSOLE® rubber soles' advantages


MACSOLE® soles are made of unique, exclusive compounds offering exceptional abrasion resistance and prolong the service life of our products.

Thermal insulation

The exceptional strength of rubber at extreme temperatures ensures unparalleled thermal insulation against heat and cold.

  • Only rubber resists to contact heat up to 300°C and allows footwear to meet the HRO standard.
  • Heat-insulating (HI label, tested at +150 °C)
  • Cold-insulatin (CI label, tested at -20 °C)

Our exclusive MACSOLE® rubber formula offers unrivalled grip, far exceeding the requirements of EN 13287.


The natural elasticity of rubber ensures long-lasting shock absorption. MACSOLE® footwear helps to reduce the risk of accidents by reducing fatigue caused by prolonged walking or standing.

Resistance to oils & hydrocarbons, chemicals

Improved hydrocarbons and chemical resistance compared to PU soles


Unlike PU soles, rubber soles are inert to hydrolysis and are therefore easier to store.
Indeed PU soles are made up of long chains that can be broken by moisture. Thus, the storage of safety shoes with PU soles in basements, sheds or garages that often subject to high humidity accelerates the aging of the shoes.
Safety shoes with rubber soles are therefore also suitable for areas with high humidity and especially in tropical climates.

Safety shoes with MACSOLE® rubber sole


MACSOLE® technology for all those working in light industry, automobile industry and service industries


MACSOLE® technology for people who works outdoors and on uneven terrain


MACSOLE® technology for all those working in demanding or even extreme conditions with exposure to bad weather, extreme colds and uneven terrain.


MACSOLE® technology ideal for a multitude of applications and value for money

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